Inter Gentes – Across Nations

Autor: Asociación Proyecto Hombre      03/08/2022     

European Social Fund project for innovative vocational services to foster recovery and employment for people with addictions (2021-2023 term).

Gómez, Begoña¹; Aguila, Paulina⁷; Boschin, Antonio⁴; Ciccone, Marco⁴; De las Heras, Javier³; Dolejsi, Marketa⁵; Ferreira, Flavia⁶; Grigoriadou, Eirini²; Lai, Mara⁴; & Panou, Nicki².


Stemmed from an ongoing broader European Social Fund project implemented in Spain by the Association Proyecto Hombre since 2016 called INSOLA (Socio-labour Insertion), the current project INTERGENTES – ACROSS NATIONS was formulated in 2020, and finally co-financed by the European Social Fund and the government of Spain with the aim of extending until 2023 the expertise acquired to other organizations from Europe in the field of addictions while innovating as a result of the network’s exchange in the area of employment and vocational services for vulnerable populations.

Acknowledgments to the valuable contributions of associated members: ARGO-Alternative Therapeutic Program for Addicted Individuals from Greece, Coolmine from Ireland, EFTC- European Federation of Therapeutic Communities, FICT-Italian Federation of Therapeutic Communities from Italy, Magdalena o.p.s. from the Czech Republic, Projecto Homem Braga from Portugal and Trempoline from Belgium, in addition to the Proyecto Hombre team responsible for the project: Elena Presencio, Ángeles de la Rosa, Begoña Gómez, Lorena Rodríguez and Oriol Esculies.


Increase effectiveness and impact of vocational and socio-labour interventions for people with substance use disorders by improving methodologies and professional skills.

Foster cross-border cooperation and networking among recognized European organizations devoted to addicted populations and currently implementing socio-occupational reintegration services by identifying and sharing common and context-specific best practices.


  • Improving the knowledge, skills and abilities of our professionals in the field of social and labour insertion, by supporting ongoing learning through in-person visits to different units in the EU organisations, combining theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • Creating a space for debate, learning, exchange of ideas, approaches, experiences and/or innovative practices focused on the creation of a Social-Labour Insertion Course for professionals in the area of addictions.
  • Promoting cooperation between entities that dedicate efforts to the social-labour reinsertion of people with addiction, in order to share needs, achievements, challenges and identify those variables that are common to the realities of the Member States.


  • Transfer to the APH organisation in terms of training professionals and raising awareness on the importance of cross-border networking as an essential form of work for the reinforcement of social innovation.
  • Transfer to the EFTC and the organisations participating in the project will be focused on generating evidence that the exchange of experiences, tools and work methodologies is useful for solving problems.
  • Transfer to third parties will focus on sharing the progress, obstacles and results of the project, for which dissemination will be a major pillar of this project.


Project stages.


  • We have incorporated into this project the largest existing network of European Therapeutic Communities, to accompany us in our activities. 
  • We generate a sub-network arising from the existing one, to work in the field of social-labour insertion for people with drug use disorders.
  • We carry out a specific course for addiction professionals on social and labour insertion for the group, so that it may serve as a model adaptable to each country.



Establish the met periodically European Expert Group on Addiction, Recovery and Employment as an advisory committee for the discussion, formulation, and implementation of innovative best practices on vocational services.


Design an English E-learning Course on Vocational and Socio-Labour Integration addressed to professionals on addictions throughout any European countries.


25 professionals on study visits to European organizations to promote knowledge exchange of best practices and enhance international networking and knowledge exchange. So far in 2022, ARGO, CEIS Genova – FICT, Coolmine and Trempoline have hosted professional study visits.

Promoting the socio-labour insertion of people with drug abuse disorders as a main part of  their PERSONAL RECOVERY process, through collaboration and meeting with related European organisations.

Coordinated by Association Proyecto Hombre (APH).

ARGO – Alternative Therapeutic Program for Addicted Individuals (Greece)², Coolmine (Ireland)³ , FICT – Italian Federation of Therapeutic Communities (Italy)⁴, Magdalena OPS (Czech Republic)⁵, Projecto Homem Braga (Portugal)⁶, and Trempoline (Belgium)⁷.

All organizations belong to the EFTC – European Federation of Therapeutic Communities.

Contact person:

Oriol Esculies (he/him)

International commissioner

Funded by:

Fondo Social Europeo. «El FSE invierte en tu futuro». Programa Operativo de Inclusión Social y Economía Social»2014ES05SFOP012″.

Plan Nacional Sobre Drogas, Ministerio de Sanidad.

Ministerio de Derechos Sociales y Agenda 2030.